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EQUITY MADE SIMPLE - Reguity helps companies and investors manage their equity plans



More than 100 000 owners and investors rely on services from Reguity Group - Assets under management $10bn


Reguity Group

Private companies are an increasingly important investment category for both institutional and private investors.

In 2007, the first branch of Reguity was formed with an ambition still relevant today; to make it as easy to invest in unlisted/private companies as it is in listed/public companies. Since then Reguity has evolved into the leading digital platform for owners and investors in privately held companies in Northern Europe.

Our ultimate mission is to consolidate all private company ownership onto one common borderless digital platform, and by doing so unlock previously unseen values and enable a wealth of services and opportunities for privately held companies as well as  for their owners and investors.

Reguity Group offers a wide range of digital online/offline tools and services within the ‘regtech’, corporate finance and knowledge-sharing space. A majority of the online services are free. To some extent we consider our online presence as a public service. We simply want the community of owners and investors in private companies to prosper!


Security registry services is the leading online share registry for unlisted companies in Sweden. also provides digital registry solutions for professionals.

Compliance KYC and KYB services

Digital secure  processes via the shareledger matched with official data, international ID verification methods and secured and validated correct beneficial ownership with digital on-demand notifications. By monitoring your KYC / AML obligations in the G23 platform you reduce risks and cost.

Knowledge sharing


Record influx of new customers during the summer of 2021

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2021-09-01 It is very gratifying to note that a record number of companies have joined one of NVR's share register services during the summer of 2021. Compared with the corresponding…

AudiThor – an updated freemium service for auditors

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2021-06-16 AudiThor is a super-flexible freemium service that gives you as a auditor automatic access to your client companies' digital share ledgers. In this way, your audit responsibility is facilitated.…

DirecThor – a freemium service for the company’s board of directors

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2021-05-31 DirecThor is a super-flexible freemium service that gives you as a board member automatic access to the company's digital share ledger. In this way, your audit responsibility is facilitated.…

Reguity Group starts UK subsidiary

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2020-06-11 Reguity Group AB (publ) establishes a subsidiary in UK to increase its presence and the number of services supporting owners and investors in private companies in UK. Reguity Group…

Reguity Group AB integrates share ledger service with UK Companies House

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2020-05-12 Reguity Group AB (publ) integrates its UK version of its platform for equity plans. At the website, UK-companies can now start to manage their equity and derivatives plans.…

Reguity Group AB launches online services for employee equity plans and stock option programs

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2020-03-02 Reguity Group AB (publ) today officially launched an online service to issue and manage digitalized stock option programs aimed for employees and other beneficiaries. Managing employee stock option programs…


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