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Record influx of new customers during the summer of 2021

By September 1, 2021News

2021-09-01 It is very gratifying to note that a record number of companies have joined one of NVR’s share register services during the summer of 2021. Compared with the corresponding period last year, this is a growth of + 382%.


The Nordic Securities Register (NVR) helps 10,000s of small and medium-sized limited companies to keep a share register online quickly and easily. NVR’s digital share register online facilitates registrations of transactions and issues, preparations for the Annual General Meeting, handling of share certificates and pledges, ownership analysis, reconstruction of lost share registers, and offers automatic monitoring of shareholders’ addresses. NVR’s digital services are built around our stable platform for digital share books that makes it easy for everyone to do the right thing.


“The accelerating increase in new customers follows a long trend and clearly shows that more and more companies both realize the need and discover how easy it is to do the right thing with NVR,” says Erik Kullgren, CEO of Reguity Group AB (publ), which owns and operates and




About Reguity Group AB

Reguity Group AB was formed in 2005 with the ambition of making it as easy to invest in unlisted companies as it is in listed companies. Since then, Reguity Group AB has developed into the leading digital platform for owners and investors in private companies in northern Europe. Owns and operates i.a. and Read more at:


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