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AudiThor – an updated freemium service for auditors

By June 16, 2021September 1st, 2021News

2021-06-16 AudiThor is a super-flexible freemium service that gives you as a auditor automatic access to your client companies’ digital share ledgers. In this way, your audit responsibility is facilitated. As a auditor, you also no longer must worry about where the share ledgers are and whether they are up to date.


Why is it so important for you to check that the share register is correct?

The information in the share ledger is primarily the basis for:

  • Shareholders’ opportunities to exercise their administrative rights (voting rights), and
  • The assessment of the ownership in the company.
  • As a board member, you are ultimately responsible.


Instead of a variety of difficult-to-interpret formats, you will find share ledgers in a standardized easy-to-understand format. All changes are traceable, and you know for sure that there is only ONE digital share ledger. Share ledgers kept in Word or Excel often tend to either disappear or are available in many different versions!

All persons whom we can automatically identify as auditor in one or more limited liability companies are automatically given access to these companies’ digital share ledgers through AudiThor.

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