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March 2019

Reguity Group AB posts another record year

By News


Reguity Group AB (publ) posted another year of record growth in 2018. In five years, since 2015, the annual inflow of new subscribers to Reguity’s online services is up fivefold. Under the same period the subscriber and client base has almost tripled.

For 2018, Reguity Group reported that the inflow of new subscribers increased 33% excluding acquisitions and 47% including acquisitions compared to 2017. During the same time the total client base increased with 34% excluding acquisitions and was up 38% including acquisitions.

CEO of Reguity Group Henrik Kristensen states; “Client acquisition is our highest priority and in that sense 2018 was a very successful year. We succeeded to keep our fast growth rate and at the same time transfer most of our online services to a new platform without any interruptions.”

Reguity Group’s portfolio of security registry and custodian services now consists of the following firms and brands:

Nordiska Värdepappersregistret – is the leading online share registry for unlisted companies in Sweden. also provides digital registry solutions for professionals.

SvenskaAktieboken – is a digital share ledger developed by UC AB in cooperation with Fortnox.

GratisAktiebok – is the leading online free share registry service for unlisted companies in Sweden.

MinAktiebok – is the No. 2 online free share registry service for unlisted companies in Sweden.

VärdepappersZonen – is the No.1 online custodian and ownership management platform for unlisted securities in Sweden.

Reguity Group also provides online security registry services in Denmark and in the UK.


Reguity Group AB (publ) is the leading digital platform for owners and investors in privately held companies in Northern Europe. It provides a wide range of digital online/offline tools and services for shareholder and portfolio management, as well as corporate finance advisory for private companies. More information is available at

For more information, please contact:

Henrik Kristensen, CEO

Reguity Group AB (publ)

+46 (0)733-311103