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October 2019

Reguity Group AB launches the most advanced depository platform for owners in private companies

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Reguity Group AB (publ) today officially launched the digital depository platform for unlisted companies – is a depositary account service aimed for investors and owners in Swedish privately held assets.

About half of Sweden’s non-public production originates from unlisted, mostly private, companies. Over the years securities in private companies have developed into its own asset-class, often named privately held assets.

Today most Swedes are exposed to one or more such privately held assets, either directly as an entrepreneur or investor or indirectly through savings and pensions schemes. Still there has been no available depositary account solution for unlisted holdings. Actually, nine out of 10 privately held companies that do not manage their share ledger online have a share-ledger that is incorrect in one way or another This situation has received critique at numerous occasions, from law-makers as well as from official institutions such as the Swedish tax authority.

With the launch of this no longer needs to be the case.

Online account provider is integrated with many of the Swedish online share-ledger services, covering approximately 70% of all companies having their share ledgers online. As a result, is from today providing close to 100 000 owners and investors in unlisted companies with personal depositary accounts for holdings in unlisted companies.

The account service is free from any sort of subscriptions or costs. To get access, an investor or owner need just to login with Bank ID to access a personal depositary account and to view their holdings, their transactions history and follow messages from companies that they are owners in.

CEO of Reguity Group Henrik Kristensen says; “I think that this is a great day. Not only for us but for all investors in in Swedish privately held assets. Thanks to having access to the share ledgers of 70% of all online ledger-services, we have been able to provide all owners in these companies with a free online depositary account. This will enhance transparency, valuation, company-owner communication, regulatory filings and much more”.

Visit to read more or to access your own account of unlisted holdings.


Reguity Group AB (publ) is the leading digital platform for owners and investors in privately held companies in Northern Europe. It provides a wide range of digital online/offline tools and services for shareholder and portfolio management, as well as corporate finance advisory for private companies. More information is available at

For more information, please contact:

Henrik Kristensen, CEO

Reguity Group AB (publ)

+46 (0)733-311103