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March 2020

Reguity Group AB launches online services for employee equity plans and stock option programs

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Reguity Group AB (publ) today officially launched an online service to issue and manage digitalized stock option programs aimed for employees and other beneficiaries.

Managing employee stock option programs has previously been a complex and time-consuming task. In addition, the very purpose of being a forward-looking incentive for key employees has been made more difficult by the fact that all documentation on the program remain hidden in an Excel file. Digitizing securities in unlisted companies such as future Swedish “unicorns” is the background to Reguity’s digital platforms and

At a company can easily manage employee stock options and warrants as well as the company’s shareholder register. At the touch of a button, it may then transfer these securities into digital assets available in personal securities accounts at

CEO of Reguity Group Henrik Kristensen states; “It is close to meaningless to launch an incentive program if the options then only exist in an Excel file at the company. It will only take a few days before the option holder has forgotten about the options. The whole premise of being an incentive fails if you do not make them digital, available and visible.”

Visit or to read more on how to start digitally managing your companies’ securities.

Visit to read more or to access your own account of unlisted holdings.


Reguity Group AB (publ) is the leading digital platform for owners and investors in privately held companies in Northern Europe. It provides a wide range of digital online/offline tools and services for shareholder and portfolio management, as well as corporate finance advisory for private companies. More information is available at

For more information, please contact:

Henrik Kristensen, CEO

Reguity Group AB (publ)

+46 (0)733-311103