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September 2019

Reguity Group AB and Katalysen & Partners AB in a collaboration based on technology and shared values

By News

2019-09-19 Reguity Group AB (publ) and Katalysen & Partners AB have initiated a collaboration regarding VenturePort where Reguity (through NVR) will provide companies at VenturePort with their services regarding Share Register and more. The VenturePort and NVR platforms will communicate with each other using an API.

The collaboration is based upon that the companies share many values and views, such as the following:

  • Private companies are an increasingly important investment category for both institutional and private investors
  • Both Reguity and Katalysen have an ambition to make it as easy to invest in unlisted/private companies as it is in listed/public companies
  • Reguity is today the largest digitl platform offering a shareholder register/ledger for owners and investors in privately held companies in Northern Europe
  • Both companies have a very similar mission to consolidate the private company community onto borderless digital plattforms, and by doing so unlock previosly unseen values and enable a wealth of services and opportunities for privately held companies as well as for their owners and investors
  • We also share the view that the community of owners and investors in private companies should prosper

Henrik Kristensen and I have been discussing various opportunities for collaboration for several years and it is very nice that we have finally found the right one. We can now offer companies we work with the opportunity, through this API, to use the market’s best system for keeping their share registers– Peter Almberg CEO Katalysen

I am happy to be able to offer the best share ledger solution in a standardised process to Katalysens companies through our API. There is also an international aspect in this collaboration through Katalysen network which is great for Reguity – Henrik Kristensen CEO Reguity